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Chiropractor Monrovia shares intermediate level abdominal exercise.

Involves no equipment. This exercise works the abdominal, oblique internal/external, iliopsoa muscles. The purpose is to increase abdominal strength and muscular endurance. The benefits include improved stability, functional strength and injury prevention. Begin lying on floor. Lift knees so that a 90º position is attained at hip and knees.  Place hands beside ears.  Activate core. […]

Monrovia Chiropractor, Dr. Swart heals strained hamstring muscle in 3 treatments

A very good patient and friend we’ll call HT, came to me complaining of a sore hamstring muscle that he had injured while playing soccer.  In his mid forties, HT is an avid soccer player and all around athlete.  He recognised his injury and tried resting from all physical activity for a couple of weeks.  […]

Monrovia Chiropractor treats world class athletes.

I’m Dr. Glenn E. Swart, of Swart Chiropractic, Inc., in Monrovia and I have been treating some of the worlds finest jockeys for the past 17 years.  The Santa Anita race track jockey stable is arguably the best in the world.  Most of horse racings greatest jockeys, many of them Hall of Famers, have all ridden at […]

Chiropractor in Monrovia uses electroacuscope to treat his patients

Swart Chiropractic in Monrovia, California is now a certified acuscope treatment center.  I became certified in the use of the acuscope just about a year ago and my patients couldn’t be happier.  The results of treatment have been nothing short of miraculous.  My most typical cases of  headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, and most musculoligamentous sprain/strain type injuries resolve […]

Your Chiropractor in Monrovia, California

Hello Monrovia! Dr. Glenn Swart and the staff of Swart Chiropractic, Inc. welcome you to our chiropractic blog. The purpose of this blog is to share tips and information with you. If you are not a patient, please go to our website and check out our “New Patient Specials” or visit us any time at […]