Monrovia Chiropractor, Dr. Swart heals strained hamstring muscle in 3 treatments

A very good patient and friend we’ll call HT, came to me complaining of a sore hamstring muscle that he had injured while playing soccer.  In his mid forties, HT is an avid soccer player and all around athlete.  He recognised his injury and tried resting from all physical activity for a couple of weeks.  Rest coupled with the traditional treatment of ultrasound and or muscle stimulation over a 3-4 week period is usually sufficient to remedy a moderate sprain/strain injury.  When rest alone did not work for HT I suggested we use the electroacusope to tackle the problem.  Now Ht, was a little concerned because he was playing in a major soccer tournament just one week from his first visit with me.  I told him all I needed was three treatments with the electroacuscope and he had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Well HT made it to his tournament and played in all of his games and ended up losing to the team that won it all.  Needless to say, HT was quite pleased with the results of treating with the electroacusope. My chiropractic office in Morovia, Ca is the only chiropractic office along the Foothill corridor to treat with the electroacuscope.  If you would like more info about this treatment method, please visit my website,

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