Monrovia Chiropractor treats world class athletes.

I’m Dr. Glenn E. Swart, of Swart Chiropractic, Inc., in Monrovia and I have been treating some of the worlds finest jockeys for the past 17 years.  The Santa Anita race track jockey stable is arguably the best in the world.  Most of horse racings greatest jockeys, many of them Hall of Famers, have all ridden at Santa Anita at one pont in their careers.  The close proximity of  my Monrovia chiropractic office to the race track has allowed me to see many of the current and past jockeys  from Santa Anita.  This along with the fact that here at Swart Chiropractic, I have kept many of these jockeys healthy with my unique approach to chiropractic care.  My approach to care has also helped many of these fine athletes recover from old nagging injuries as well as new injuries that have sidelined or kept these athletes from competing.  If they are healthy we keep them healthy and if they are injured we get them back to racing in the shortest amount of time. My unique approach couples chiropractic care with the latest technology in physical medicine known as the electroacusope.  Although we are not all world class athletes, alot of the aches and pains and injuries that we experience in our daily lives are very similar in nature.  If you would like more information regarding my treatment approach, please call me or visit my website at

Your Chiropractor in Monrovia,

Dr. Glenn E. Swart

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